Are you a justice advocate? Or are you looking for justice for yourself, your family, friends or people you know? If yes, then you have come to the right website.

This is because American Justice Protectors is here to provide you with all the necessary assistance for whatever type of justice that you are requiring. We have a battery of lawyers, human rights and legal protectors who can assist you. Furthermore, we also have a justice grant program that you can apply for if you need it. You simply have to check our requirements to se if you qualify for it. So stop hiding behind your red garage doors in Shelby Township and see us to determine how we can work together to give you the justice that you deserve. It definitely isn’t a crime to wanting to Repair your garage door yourself.. but on the other hand you can save time by using your Shelby Town mi garage door repair service.

What are our specific justice programs? Here are the things that we provide:

Crime Victims Assistance

We understand that sometimes it can be hard for victims of crimes and their families to seek assistance for redress against the injustice that has happened to them or the crime committed against them. For this reason, we have launched a Crime Victims Assistance program to help you make sure that you get the justice that you deserve and that your human rights have been taken care of. We also offer grants under this area so that you can get the kind of assistance that you need, whether it is medical, psychological and so on. We not only help you with your legal battles, we also help in holistically addressing all issues to enable you and your family to bounce back.

Assistance for women and children

Oftentimes, the crimes committed against women and children require a different type of resolution. For this reason, we have various legal experts, psychologists, etc. who are at your beck and call and would be willing to provide you with the assistance that you require. These experts specialize in crimes that are committed against women and children, and as such, are among the best in their field. Contact us so that you will know what kind of services that we can provide.

Indigent Justice Program

We know that it is oftentimes those in the lowest rung of society who are the usual victims of crimes. As such, we have implemented the indigent justice program to help out those who do not have the means or the resources to seek justice for themselves. What’s more, we even enroll indigents in our grant program so that they receive additional funding to help them move on from the crimes that have been committed against them. If you know someone who is badly in need of this program, please let us know.

Advocacy Programs
Are you an environmental advocate? A social justice advocate, a human rights advocate? Whatever your advocacy may be, if you have a valid case, talk to us and we’ll see how we can contribute in seeking redress for the advocacy that you have. We specialize in providing legal assistance for specific advocacy cases.