Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Garage door repair is something you have to deal with at some point. Understanding the common problems of garage door you may experience can make it easier to explain the faults of garage door to the technicians when she arrives. It also helps you to evaluate the expertise of garage door experts and understand what they are doing to fix the faulty components. This information will also help you to find out the best and most reputable garage door repair service like, Up & Over Garage Door Repair regarding your garage door needs.

  • You push the button but the garage door does not respond:

The automatic garage door comes with built-in safety sensors that feel the resistance on its path. If your garage door has a broken spring or hinge, the mechanism will not able to pull the springs. In the majority of the cases, the opener is to blame. Only professional garage door technicians can handle this issue.

  • You can hear that the garage door opener is running but the garage door does not open:

The garage door opener tends to wear out over time; the gears are the first parts to go. If the gears of the opener are stripped, they cannot able to rotate the chain which moves the hatch. You may need to replace the stripped or burnt-out gears. If this does not solve the issues, then call professional garage door help to replace the garage door opener.

  • You have the older model of garage door and need to repair:

You need to hire professional garage door experts to fix the one-piece garage door better known as the “kick-out” garage door. These are outdated and unsafe models to operate and repair. If you are still using an older garage door, you should replace it with a newer and safer model for quick and efficient operations.

  • The garage door hatch opens stiffly but creates loud sounds:

The squeaky garage door is a common issue. Your garage door expert will first replace the rusted or damaged rollers in order to fix the issue. It is good to use plastic rollers for smoother and quieter operations. They function more smoother and need low maintenance services than steel rollers. They are really worth the additional expense.

  • You have an old version of the opener which need to be replaced:

If your garage door opener is not working, it may need to be replaced. Your garage door expert will be able to inspect the opener and determine whether they have parts that need to be fixed without replacing the entire system. For your security, it is suggested that replace the older unit with the newer ones that have safety features.

  • Garage door rollers are out of tracks:

It is actually a common garage door problem. There are several reasons why this problem could happen. Garage door rollers could be worn out or tracks have been obstructed or bent. In other situations, the garage door springs might be broken and cause the garage door to pull off the tracks.

One of the most overlooked causes is when someone accidentally hit the garage door. The issue may look simple but if left unattended, it will pull the panels off the tracks. Luckily, the solution is relatively easy, you need to replace the damaged panel.