In this tab, we provide all the frequently asked questions about our organizations. If you have an inquiry that is not tackled here, please contact us using the appropriate email provided in the Contact Us section.

How much is the fee that I need to pay to get your services?

We do not ask for any fee. The American Justice Protectors works for FREE. Our only goal is really to provide you the necessary assistance so that you can seek redress for any crime or wrongdoing that has been committed against you. We hope that you will take advantage of the services that we provide.

What kind of services do you provide?

The services that we provide can be found on the homepage. We provide legal services for crime victims, for women and children, indigents and help you fight legal battles for advocacy cases. We are currently trying to set up a new program, to help those innocent people accused of crimes to get the most appropriate legal services. We are currently developing this new program.

I have a legal issue that I need to consult with you. Can I be assured of confidentiality?

Definitely. Most of us are lawyers and/or legal researches. We are always bound by lawyer-client confidentiality. Rest assured that we will make sure that all of your legal issues will remain between us. We will never divulge any information without your permission, even to the state. In fact, at the start of our discussion, we will be asking you to sign a form of confidentiality.

If I have a legal issue, who among your team can I approach?

All the legal matters that we handle go through our assessment unit. Once you go to our office or send us an email, you will go directly to them. They will be the ones to assess your case and pass you on to the person most qualified to assist you.