American Justice Protectors to create a defense justice program

Finally, after years of research and after finalizing the recruitment of defense justice experts, the American Justice Protectors will soon be launching the defense justice program.

This has been created to specifically target innocent defendants who have been tried and convicted for crimes that they have either not committed, or those whose circumstances are questionable.

This program is being launched due to recent data that shows that a big percentage of those in jail in the United States have suffered mistrials. It is the goal of the American Justice Protectors to make sure that they get the justice that they deserve.

How do we go about this program?

1. We will scour cases of existing offenders to see if anyone is complaining of mistrial. We will see to it that we thoroughly review their cases first before launching any proceedings. We invite the public to contact us If you know of any possible cases of mistrial. Any tips or information are welcome. We will keep the information you gave us in confidence.
2. Once we make sure that we have a case, that is when we will start the proceedings. Know that these types of cases can oftentimes take a long process. However, rest assured that we will be with you throughout the entire journey

The defense justice program remains aligned with the overall vision of the American Justice Protectors – that of providing each man, woman and child with the necessary legal services they need in order for them to get the justice that they deserve.

Know that this new program that we are implementing is not a work in the park and will definitely take a lot of time and resources. But, we are committed to help you, no matter what.